READ THE RULES!!! provides in game rewards to affiliated PurpleFrog.Global Servers for credits based on community participation. You can earn Credits by attending in game events, Community site participation or donation.

I always wanted to figure out a way to help the community but had a hard time asking. The Dodo Depot crew showed me how! Thanks guys!

 -- Emma Grainger, UK.


The forecast is for heavy server traffic, so make sure you've got your rewards in the right place. Read all server rules before you participate!

No matter the season, we're always game for some gear in ARK. From ammo to high level animals and even boost packages, we've got the gear in the store you need for a real ARK thrill.

 Rewards are granted to thank players for their community participation. The reward itself is a privilege and the admin handling the delivery or pickup are volunteers, and should be treated with the utmost respect.

I dont have time for this game ...

Now you do. Through community participation, you can finally build the base you want, drive your dream dino or just customize your ARK life to fit YOU!