1. All store rewards are not to be used to initiate PVP unless sanctioned by an admin or it is a designated PVP specific server. Misuse of any reward may subject it to deletion or the player to possibly be warned, kicked or even banned. 

If at any time you aren't completely satisfied with your rewards, simply simply set up a time to discuss it with an admin or visit our web sites suggestion box. After the community, your satisfaction is our primary concern.

5. Admins are NOT customer service representatives but volunteers. admins strive to be professional in the roles they take. However, an admin is a volunteer and player just like you.

Please respect admins at all TIMES

  • Request Item delivery/Pick up using the appropriate forms of communication. (NOT their personal FB)

  • An admin may refuse service at any time if they do not feel they they are being treated with the utmost respect.

Common Questions

Our Commitment

Dododepot.com provides in game rewards to affiliated PurpleFrog.Global Servers for credits based on community participation. You can earn Credits by attending in game events, Community site participation or donation

2. Rewards generated are NOT 100% guaranteed. Although we strive to bring dependability in our reward system and server, some situations may be out of our control. This includes content changes by the developers, Modder’s or the ARK community.

3. Players ARE NOT ENTITLED TO REWARDS BUT are privileged to rewards. Rewards are granted to thank players for their community participation.

4. Rewards could take up to 1-2 DAYS/48 Hours for pick up or delivery.