Purple Frog is a global community based project that combines social entrepreneurship using today's technology and group creativity to promote meaningful change in society as a whole. The Purple Frog community is supported by a dedicated team of professional individuals certified in the areas of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Mission, Vision, Values


The Purple Frog Servers and partners will hold events that sometimes give out credit rewards. Be sure to watch for events on the Purple Frog Website!

1. Earn CommunITy Credits - by using the Purple Frog community site, news feed and our ARK classified section. EARN CREDITS FAQ

2. Join EVents - Join one of the Purple FROG servers and win credits during events       and community participation

Aside from the vast services that our sponsor Purple Frog provides online, We are in the streets providing the homeless with food. We are digging out trenches to provide better habitats for protected animal species. None of this can continue to happen without your financial assistance.

Contribute to the community by adding forum posts. Share your enthusiasm by taking screen shots of your ARK world, join a friends group or just create one of your own. You even get credits for liking someones post. Join today!

3. Donate - A donation goes a long way. From our web Site, game servers, PFG community radio and our outreach working with the youth of tomorrow.